National Scholarship Portal 2024: Don’t Miss Out!

National scholarship portal is a global national level scholarship platform where students from every state can apply for various scholarships in both pre-matric and post matric.

In every state, national scholarships are offered to the students who belong to economically backward categories and dessert categories through the national scholarship portal.

National scholarship portal is an online platform. So for registering in the national scholarship portal, you need the valid credentials like your email ID, password and a valid mobile phone number.

Do you know the central government has taken an initiative to support the head education mainly. The national scholarship portal is actually designed to support the higher education throughout the nation. Students from all states and national territories can participate for any scholarship program through NSP.

National Scholarship Portal Benefits:

Students from class 9 can apply for the national level scholarships offered by various departments.

You can apply scholarship up to PhD level if the offer is available.

Being centralized the NSP offers you these benefits.

  1. Transparency – The NSP is transparent in term of providing real time information to the students.
  2. Centralization – The centralization offers multiple scholarships through a single portal.
  3. Quick Processing – The NSP is always faster that any other scholarship portals in India.
  4. Online Documentation – The online documentation reduces the paperwork.

Process to Apply through NSP:

Use the following steps to apply through NSP:

  • Create an account on the national scholarship portal.
  • Search the eligible scholarship as per you need.
  • Read all important instructions and documentations properly before applying.
  • Fill all the fields with all credentials like name, phone number, state class cars, nationality, family income, etc.
  • Upload supporting documents one by one including passport size photograph of recent times.
  • Recheck the application process and then submit.

Before you have to know these.

  • Read eligibility criteria always.
  • Arrange all necessary and supporting documents while applying for scholarships.
  • Go through all the information you put and proofread before final submission.

Types of Scholarships:

If you look at the types of scholarships in NSP, you will find almost every type of scholarships are available there. From academic scholarships to getting scholarships for the sports may help you if you want to pursue your career in any professional field. Some of the important scholarships types I’m going to disclose here.

  • Academic scholarship – mainly for the students of pre-metric and post matric up to PhD level.
  • Sports scholarship – mainly who are interested to pursue careers in any sports.
  • Professional careers scholarship – dinner several types of scholarships that help any professionals. These are called the professional scholarships which are available in NSP.

Who Get Benefits from National Scholarship Portal?

Almost every students in India can get benefits through the national scholarship portal because it is open to all. Students from any state and union territories can participate here to apply their dream scholarships.


If you want to know more about national scholarship portal, you can visit the official website here. Additionally, you can get brief information about NSP here in this content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is the last date to apply for scholarships on the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) 2024?

This is crucial information, and the answer will depend on the specific scholarship scheme you’re interested in. Deadlines vary, so it’s important to research individual schemes on the NSP website. However, you can also ask a general question like: “What is the latest deadline for any scholarship applications on the NSP in 2024?”

2. Who is eligible to apply for scholarships on the NSP 2024?

Eligibility criteria differ based on the scholarship scheme. This FAQ should guide users to find the relevant scheme and its specific requirements. You can rephrase it as: “How do I check if I’m eligible for a scholarship on the NSP?”

3. What documents do I need to submit for a scholarship application on the NSP 2024?

This helps users prepare their applications beforehand. Briefly list common documents like Aadhaar card, bank details, and academic certificates. Mention that specific requirements may vary, and direct users to the relevant scheme page for details.

4. How do I track the status of my scholarship application on the NSP 2024?

Many applicants worry about their application status. Guide users to the NSP login page and mention any reference numbers or tracking IDs they might need. Briefly explain the process for checking the status.

5. What are the common problems faced by applicants on the NSP and how can I resolve them?

Addressing common issues like login problems, incomplete applications, or missing documents proactively can save users time and frustration. You can provide brief solutions or direct users to the NSP helpdesk for further assistance.

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